Here you can find all my previous posts:
  1. Quick batch changes with Vim

    June 17, 2019
    This post is an example how to quickly use vim's scripting possibilities to manipulate text and perform repetitive tasks
  2. callCC in Haskell

    February 2, 2019
    A short investigation of the callCC function and how it works
  3. Vagrant and Ansible

    April 13, 2018
    A quick summary how to set up Vagrant in combination with Ansible.
  4. Lispy lists continued

    March 4, 2018
    Implementing the lispy lists Python implementation in real functional programming languages
  5. Diverged branches

    January 20, 2018
    How I usually handle the case when my local branch has diverged with upstream.
  6. Vim text object

    September 10, 2017
    Vim text objects are a handy thing to know
  7. How I currently use Vim

    September 10, 2017
    Vim is powerful right out of the box, but becomes even more powerful with the right configuration
  8. Python Optional Dependencies

    August 21, 2017
    A reminder to myself about the packages that should be installed before installing Python from source
  9. Mapping CAPS to ESC

    August 9, 2017
    Binding the caps lock key to the escape key increases productivity
  10. Linking Rust libraries

    August 1, 2017
    I learned an interesting lesson when I tried to link a Rust program against X11
  11. Jenkinsfiles

    June 5, 2017
    What I don't like about Jenkins' pipeline documentation
  12. Different Angles

    June 3, 2017
    Tackeling the same programming task with different languages
  13. Bash autocomplete

    April 17, 2017
    Configuration interface to Bash's autocomplete feature
  14. Initial post

    March 15, 2017
    The first article of my new blog