My blog on Github

I decided to make all my blog content and the source code behind it publicly available on GitHub. I think I will have more benefits from it than drawbacks.

On the one hand, this decision truely follows the idea of open source - don’t hide anything and make everything available. But on the other hand it also means a lot of advantages for myself:

  1. I can use GitHub as an extra backup facility to be sure a hard disk crash won’t hurt me
  2. I can access my blog from everywhere in the world whenever I want to
  3. I have a source control and history available
  4. I can make references to configuration files on my blog and be sure they will stay up-to-date
  5. People can make corrections or maybe even contributions easily and in a controlled manner

The only drawback I can see is that everybody has full access to what I have written, but in a way that is already the case when you have a website, so not much of a difference here I guess…