Initial post

I was having this wish for a long time and finally I made the last step: This is the first article of my future web blog.

This blog will be mostly about programming and my ways through the realm of open source development. My current main languages are C/C++ and Python. I have delved into a couple of others, but these are definitely the ones I’m most comfortable with.

Why a blog? Well… Firstly because I want to follow suite of the many amazing and smart bloggers out there, e.g. the great Eli Bendersky. Secondly it is a really nice way to organize my thoughts. I tried a lot: hand-written notes, folders on my PC, even a local mediawiki server. None of it really pleased me…

The blog has several advantages for me:

  • I can reach it from everywhere around the world as long as I have an internet connection.
  • My articles and thoughts are naturally categorized and kept stored
  • I can share my thoughts with everyone interested to hear them

Following the advice of Eli Bendersky, I chose Pelican to generate my blog articles. So far, having read the quick start guide, I like its ease of use. I hope that this blog won’t die very fast and that I keep on posting.